Development cooperation project

Development cooperation project of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry „Increasing economic growth and well-being of developing countries through the development of business relations “.

The framework project of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI) is in its core directed towards supporting the development and sharing experience with the business communities of selected developing countries. It is funded by the Estonian Foreign Ministry’s Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid funds and therefore implemented in close cooperation with the Estonian Foreign Ministry (EMFA).

It consists of two main parts:

  1. hosting incoming delegations from developing countries
  2. visiting developing countries

Incoming delegations from selected developing countries are offered a tailor-made program according to the business interests of the incoming delegation: they are offered site visits, meetings with relevant authorities/organizations, the possibility to introduce the business cooperation possibilities in their countries at a business seminar, B2B meetings matching their business profiles, etc. The target group of a delegation is socially active members of the local business representation organizations, professional associations and/or clusters, and key representatives of the government whose responsibilities include the development of the business environment.

Visits of Estonian business delegations to selected developing countries are mainly targeted at learning the cooperation possibilities of those countries – most of the delegations comprise of companies that wish to make an investment, find a partner for implementing joint business projects for mutual benefit, or to find vendors of different products and materials that they need for their business.

We believe that cooperation between the business communities of Estonia and the developing countries is of key importance to make their processes more efficient, which in turn helps the developing countries to grow and evolve.

Practical arrangements for hosting incoming delegations from developing countries

The program offered to the delegation is free of charge for the delegation members. The ECCI will:

  • propose a program according to the business profiles of the companies: agree on meetings with relevant authorities/organizations and site visits, B2B meetings, organize a business seminar
  • cover the costs for the seminar, accommodation, local transport, joint catering, and other ad hoc costs that might occur

The costs that the delegation needs to bear themselves:

  • plane tickets
  • other travel costs (visas, insurance, per diems, etc.)
  • single taxi fares and other small-scale costs that may occur on the spot