The Board of the Chamber meets once a month in order to discuss various issues, including the political situation in the Estonian economy. Common positions are shaped out as a result of these discussions, if necessary. Board meetings are held on Thursday of the second full week of each month.

President of the ECCI

Toomas Luman
Nordic Contractors AS 
Chairman of the board


Vice-Chairmen of the Board

Väino Kaldoja Väino Kaldoja
Silberauto AS
Oliver Väärtnõu Oliver Väärtnõu
Cybernetica AS
Chairman of the Board

Members of the Board

Veljo Ipits Veljo Ipits
Salvest AS
Chairman of the Board
Alo Tamm
Harmet OÜ
Andres Heinver
Kulinaaria OÜ

Margus Rink
Coop Pank AS

Feliks Mägus Feliks Mägus
Nordic Hotels OÜ
Chairman of the Board
Ruth Oltjer

Ruth Oltjer
Chemi-Pharm AS

Raivo Vasnu
NPM Silmet OÜ
Gunnar Kraft Gunnar Kraft
Sangar AS 
Chairman of the Council
Eve Toots Eve Toots
Astri AS
Member of the Council
Neinar Seli Neinar Seli
Estiko AS
Chairman of the Council
Janek Pohla Janek Pohla
Farmers Food OÜ
Member of the Board
Risto Mäeots
Magnetic MRO AS
Chairman of the Board