Taste Estonia

Estonians have a deep relationship with their food. Our food reflects our history by combining cuisines and cultures that have traversed through our land. To this day, Estonians enjoy fusing together different styles and constantly innovating for new, undiscovered flavours. We invite you to discover exciting tastes from the country with

  • pure air
  • clean water
  • fresh food

Today Estonian food companies export upwards of 100 countries worldwide. One of the smallest countries in Europe, Estonia is situated on the north-eastern edge of the European Union on the shore of the Baltic Sea. It is a country where the land meets the sea. Estonia is also a country of thousand lakes and deep forests. Estonian food can be characterized by its simplicity and pure tastes. We have all the preconditions to produce good food – we have one of the best urban air qualities in the world, abundant clean water and about 23% of our farmlands are organic.  Estonia is the second-largest organic farming country in Europe. So to introduce our country - fresh air, clean water and pure food – this is something we are very proud of.

Estonian main export articles are dairy products, grain, fish and fish products, meat and meat products and spirit drinks.

Many of our products are produced by using organic farming method. We can also offer the input to the agricultural and food industy like furcellaran, high-protein rapeseed cakes, refined rapeseed oil and innovative biotechnological solutions for feed and food supplements. As technology is essential topic in our future co-operation we are open to the discussion in the field of breeding, synthetic biology, digitization, bio-resources and aquaculture.

Urmas Kruuse, Minister of Rural Affairs of the Republic of Estonia