Reasons to become a member of ECCI

The mission of the Chamber is to promote entrepreneurship in Estonia through facilitating the development of an entrepreneur-friendly environment and providing high-quality, relevant and practical services for our members. In order to achieve its goals, the Chamber represents the interests of the members in the formation of Estonian economic policy, participates in the submission of proposals for improving legislation to the state and governing bodies.

The abovementioned facts summarise well why over 3,500 Estonian enterprises have decided to become our members. The Chamber has managed to develop a system that allows keeping an eye on legislation concerning Estonian business environment. To that end we forward information to our members, if necessary, we intervene and send the opinion of entrepreneurs to the legislators. The Chamber is a partner valued by state authorities, because our positions are reasoned; but we are often a feared partner, because in our positions we always show strength of principle and clearly disagree when an initiative has a negative impact.

We are proud of our achievements – last year we submitted ca 180 opinions regarding various legislative initiatives, all of them concerning making Estonian business environment more entrepreneur-friendly. Such capacity is extremely important in any country and the best way to ensure it is to have a strong organisation to represent businesses, the activities of which are supported by a large number of companies and that in its activities is independent of state support.


As a member of the Chamber you

  • are informed of the factors and problems influencing Estonian business and economic environment;
  • have the opportunity to express your opinion on Estonian business and economic environment;
  • can obtain fast legal advice from the experienced lawyers of the Chamber – free of charge or for a reasonable price;
  • can find assistance and advice from our experienced experts when looking for partner companies;
  • can participate in trainings and seminars at discount prices;
  • can participate in business-to-business meetings and business visits;
  • can participate in meetings with interesting entrepreneurs and representatives of foreign missions;
  • can use the services of the oldest Estonian Court of Arbitration;
  • can participate in and meet with other members at the traditional events of the Chamber such as the Spring Ball, Tennis Tournament, Opening of the Business Season and Estonian Companies’ Competitiveness Ranking;
  • can introduce and advertise your company in the information channels of the Chamber, which are used by around 3,500 entrepreneurs.

When you are a member of the Chamber, you are a part of the most influential organisation that represents businesses in Estonia.

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