Foreign trade

Foreign Trade in Estonia 2019

  • Exports: €14.4 billion
  • Imports: €16.1 billion

In 2019, the top exports of Estonia were communication equipment (€899M), refined petroleum products (€875M), oils and other products of coal tar (€570M), cars (€496M), and prefabricated buildings, whether or not complete or already assembled (€443M). Its top imports were refined petroleum products (€1.28B), cars (€1.02B),communication equipment (€474M), packaged medicaments (€423M), and oils and other products of coal tar (€358M). During the same period, the top export destinations of Estonia were Finland(€2.34B), Sweden (€1.51B), Latvia (€1.31B), United States of America (€975M), and Germany (€907M). The top countries of consignment for imports were Finland (€2.04B), Lithuania (€1.65B), Germany (€1.64B), Sweden (€1.51B), and Latvia (€1.46B).

Source: Statistics of Estonia

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