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We offer a diverse range of services in the export direction. The aid is granted to both an export-minded company and a company who has long been operating in foreign markets. We find you opportunities and mediate contacts as you are taking the first steps towards foreign markets. We assist in finding partners and bring entrepreneurs to new markets. We organize contact meetings and help develop export capacity. With our help, you can get your goods to the new market more cheaply, and you can get help with the temporary export, import and transit of goods.

Export development

Our experts provide support to the company in starting to export and increase export turnover. Involving a person from outside the company in the development of exports helps to better see possible bottlenecks and jointly find ways to solve them. We have a common objective — increase in export turnover.

What we do:

  • We help your company analyse the suitability of your products and services for new markets. Also, the need to adapt or develop new products or services for the target market.
  • We develop a network of partners and, if necessary, we help with price negotiations and with agreement on delivery terms.
  • We help prepare the necessary documents for the inclusion of structural support, including export plans.

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Partner search

This service is suitable for companies who are looking for new partners abroad.

What we do:

  • Map possible marketing channels.
  • Introduce your product or service to potential partners in target markets.
  • Organize individual meetings with potential partners.

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Foreign visits

Joint market visits are a good opportunity to find partners in the country of destination, get to know the market and exchange experiences with other entrepreneurs. Sigrit Tiits studied in her master's thesis (in Estonian) in 2019 the impact of high-level visits. The study revealed that 70% of companies have found important business contacts for their company among other members of the business delegation. Business visits can be attended by entrepreneurs who already have partners in the country of destination as well as those who still want to enter the market.

The advantage of being part of the delegation is that we can also organize meetings with such individuals and organizations with whom it would be very difficult for the company itself to arrange a meeting.

Participating in a business visit is very convenient for an entrepreneur:

  • we organize the program according to the activities of the participating companies,
  • we organize individual meetings with local entrepreneurs, and
  • if necessary, we help you prepare for meetings (for example, we give advice on local business customs and organize an interpreter, if necessary).

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    ATA Carnet

    The ATA Carnet is an international customs document, the so called goods passport that simplifies movement of goods, temporary import and export as well as transit. It is recommended to use the ATA Carnet for goods such as fair showpieces, goods samples and professional tools.

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    Certificate of origin

    We issue certificates of origin verifying the non-preferential origin of goods, which are presented to the customs of the importing country with the goods, in order to prove the origin of the goods.

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