NATO Procurements

If you are interested in NATO procurements and other defence procurements, we recommend that you visit the following websites, where you will find active offers as well as explanations of the specifics of the agencies, as well as how to keep up to date with all interesting offers.


Current procurement notices

  • NATO is procuring replacements for transformers and EEA filters in Belgium (2a works € 8 million). Additional information will be provided to interested companies in the first quarter of 2021 and the deadline for bids in June 2021.
  • NCIA Market Study for the Purchase of NATO Command and Agency Personnel and Workforce Information Systems. The aim of the market research is to map possible solutions that would meet NATO requirements, as well as potential bidders. Responses are expected by June 7. Additional information:
  • NCIA pre-procurement notice for various IT services (IT Strategic Research and Analysis Subscription). Deadline for submission of potential tenderers in the form of declaration of conformity 20.04.2021. Additional information:


If you want to be aware of all defence procurements in a specific area of your company, we recommend that you register with a potential bidder.
More information on business opportunities related to NATO.

Other information

You can find Turkish defence procurements here. Information on defence companies in Turkey can also be found on the same website.