Public Procurement Monitoring

Public procurement monitoring offers a convenient and practical information service if you want to expand the scope of your company's activities and find new markets for your products and services in Estonia or other European countries.

We offer companies interested in procurement:

  • an individual profile-based procurement monitoring service;
  • information on international public procurements of the European Union and on domestic tenders in Estonia;
  • procurement training (we introduce legislation, share the experiences of successful and experienced bidders and buyers, and introduce other public procurement markets);
  • a selection of recently published European public procurement tenders, both in Teataja (Official Journal) of the Chamber of Commerce and on the website;
  • a background study on the public procurement published by the municipality and region of interest;
  • consultation.


Contact us and we will specify the details of setting up the service!

Individual profile-based search

In order to provide a procurement monitoring service to an interested company, we first examine the customer's field of activity and what services and products they want to sell to the public sector. Then, based on the provided information, we create a customer's individual search profile, which we enter into a special search system. Then we can keep you informed about procurement offers every day.

An individual profile-based search provides relevant and necessary information and allows you to quickly get an overview of which offers are worth dealing with more carefully. Prompt notification of tenders gives a certain time advantage over competitors.

Mandatory public procurement reports provide useful information on possible outsourcing opportunities while also providing interesting information on the market situation, prices and competitors in the area of interest.

The following public procurements / countries / organizations have recently been added to our database: USA (federal level), Canada, Australia, New Zealand, World Bank, Asian Development Bank. Many national public procurements have also been added: DK, FR, DE, IE, LU, ES, UK (incl. private procurements), SE, CH, NO.

The example below introduces a search result summary file provided by a public procurement monitoring service, which helps to decide whether to open the full text of the contract notice.