We advise entrepreneurs in the following areas:

legal consultations

  • contract law,
  • labour law,
  • tax law,
  • procurement,
  • business law,
  • consumer protection law.

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Foreign trade and customs consultations

  • We advise on trade agreements concluded by the European Union.
  • We help to find the requirements of different countries in the customs clearance of goods.
  • We guide you to foreign trade databases.
  • We explain the Nomenclature of Goods valid in the European Union.
  • We answer your export and import questions.

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Export consultations

  • Tips for entering new markets.
  • Comparison of markets and preparation of market analyses.
  • Preparation of the export plan and its parts.
  • Searching for partners and organizing contact meetings in the destination country in cooperation with consultants in the destination country.
  • Aggregated information on the most important fairs, events and trainings of a specific target market.
  • Information on foreign trade documents.

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Consultations regarding the European Union

  • Programs and projects of EU
  • Institutions of EU – how to navigate?
  • Politics and developments regarding the EU
  • Finding cooperation partners
  • Legislation of EU
  • Public procurement notices in Europe

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MEMBERS of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry have a total of four hours (1h per type) of consultations for FREE.