The Chamber's network of marketing channels – the best way to reach business clients!

Use the perfect opportunity to promote business and find new customers from our members by placing ads in the Chambers of Commerce publications. We offer advertising opportunities in the magazines Teataja and Vestnik, and newsletters E-Teataja, E-Vestnik and E-News.

The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has over 3500 successful members operating in Estonia.

our publications

Publications Visitors/Addressees  
Magazine Teataja (est) Print-run 3600, readership 9000+                           See
Magazine Vestnik (ru) Print-run 600, readership 1400+ See
Newsletter E-Teataja (est)                        Addressees 13 000 See
Newsletter E-Vestnik (ru) Addressees 1100 See
Newsletter E-News (eng) Addressees 1100 See
Website Visitors per month 18 000  


Jana Ribelis piltJana Ribelis, Head of Marketing Department of Silberauto:
We have used almost all marketing channels of the Chamber to introduce our products. Our ads have been published in the Chamber’s prints Teataja and Vestnik. We present our new car models at Chamber’s member events. The Chamber’s network of marketing channels is very wide and it gives us an excellent opportunity to reach other entrepreneurs with our products and messages and through this strengthen our image. The flexible and creative thinking of the marketing team of the Chamber makes the cooperation with them very easy. Every year we are planning our activities and brainstorm together to come up with something exciting that would be valuable for our clients as well as to the members of the Chamber.