Donate to help provide medical aid to those wounded in the war in Ukraine

The National Defence Promotion Foundation, founded by the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of Defence, is organizing a charity campaign with the Estonian Reserve Officers' Association to support purchasing and sending medical equipment and supplies to Ukraine in an effort to quickly support treatment of the wounded. In long term, this also includes hospitalization and treatment in Estonia or other allied counties.

As of 30th of September, 2 551 342,81 euros has been raised to support those wounded in the war in Ukraine.


  • Bank transfer to a special-purpose current account

IBAN: EE162200221078603616
Payment description: Support for Ukraine
Registry code: 90008494

Legal entities should indicate in the payment description "support for Ukraine"
Natural persons should indicate in the payment description "support for Ukraine" and if an income tax refund is requested, they should also indicate the name and personal identification code of the person for whom the donation is made. 

  • You can also call the following numbers (only works with local carriers in Estonia)

By calling  900 1380 you donate 10 €
By calling  900 2380 you donate 25 €
By calling  900 3380 you donate 50 €

What has been done

  • On 24.03, 25.04, 23.05, 4.07 and 15.08, we delivered medicine and medical supplies to the Polish-Ukrainian border, which were urgently requested by the regional chambers of commerce of Ukraine to ensure the operability of local hospitals.
  • We have supported the purchase and delivery of 15 fully equipped ambulances to Ukraine.
  • We supported the psychologists who met the refugees and provided them crisis assistance with a variety of tools and supplies on weekly basis. The focus of psychological help is on children, for whom prompt and professional support is extremely important to prevent later deeper mental health problems.
  • On March 18, 2022, a consignment of essential medicines worth EUR 200,000 was sent in cooperation with companies.
  • Together with entrepreneurs, we have assembled 9,000 medical packages, which have now been delivered to Ukraine. In addition, we are currently working to complete an additional 4,500 first aid kits.
  • We have supported the establishment of the DocuMental mental health support programme for war victims.
  • We have funded the children’s mental health support programme Triumf Hero development, so it would be available free of charge in Ukrainian.
  • Together with the Tallinn Children's Hospital Support Fund, we supported the purchase of two respirators for the Kyiv Children's Hospital.

There is constant communication between different voluntary organizations and ministries to procure various tools and plan further activities. Since the situation in Ukraine is also constantly changing, we will respond accordingly by providing assistance.


Providing treatment for those wounded in combat is one area, where we can directly help Ukraine alleviate the humanitarian crisis on the ground. Victims from Ukraine have been brought to the Estonian Defence Forces Health Centre for rehabilitation treatment in the past, but due to active military activity in Ukraine, an increase in the number of victims is inevitable. With the donations, the foundation supports the treatment of persons who can be transported to hospitals in Estonia or allied countries and who can be provided with medical care that is difficult to provide in Ukraine due to the local situation.

All donations will go towards the help in Ukraine, administrative costs will be covered by the The National Defence Promotion Foundation.


The National Defence Promotion Foundation is on the list of organizations with income tax benefits. This means that the donations are tax-free. 

The Tax Board will refund income tax on all registered donations (incl. Membership donations and donations from official services) if the donor has requested so. To this end, we always ask donors to include in payment description the name and personal identification code of the person for whom the member donation is made.

The National Defence Promotion Foundation was established on 18 June 2004 by the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of Defence. Since 2007, the Foundation has also given the Officer of the Year and the Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year awards and carried out other recognition and support activities with the support of the private sector. The Supervisory Board of the Foundation consists of entrepreneurs, the Commander of the Defence Forces and the Minister of Defence.

additional information 

Mait Palts,
National Defence Promotion Foundation, reg. no. 90008494