Public procurement notices

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Selection of EU public tender notices
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Machines and appliances

Medical goods

  • In Germany, the power liquid ABC is procured with a container for use with an NBC protective mask. Deadline 08.11.2021. Code 498994
  • In Germany, a neuronavigation system  (for head-cranial and spinal-spinal intervention) and a spinal surgery system are procured. Deadline of 15.11.2021. Code 499233
  • In Latvia, a microscope for surgery is purchased. Deadline 05.11.2021. Code 499207

Different goods

  • In Finland, lime products are procured (un erased lime, silage limestone, limestone in large bags). Deadline 29.10.2021. Code 498002
  • In Estonia, various food products  (meat, fish, dry matter, vegetables, refrigerators, bakery products, etc.) are procured in Estonia. Tenders may be submitted for all 9 lots separately. Deadline 02.11.2021. Code 494658
  • In Denmark work clothes for workers with framework agreement is procured (safety clothing, thicker working clothes and administrative staff). Deadline of 11.11.2021. Code 499282
  • In Germany, activated carbon and thermal reactivation with fresh carbon are procured for the purification of drinking water. Deadline 08.11.2021. Code 500939
  • In Latvia, aggregate rail ballast services are procured for the construction of the Rail Baltica railway line. Deadline of 12.11.2021. Code 499201
  • In Germany, the supply/ construction of modular houses as replacement classes  for rent for school use is procured. Deadline 01.11.2021. Code 499159
  • In Latvia, different fuels are purchased (petrol, diesel, gas). Deadline 05.11.2021. Code 499204
  • In Denmark, furniture is purchased on the new university campus. Deadline for requests to take part 01.11.29021. Code 499137
  • Procurement, delivery, maintenance of massive steel fasteners for the security of properties in Germany. Deadline 02.11.2021. Code 499118

Different services


Procurement of different EU countries related to Covid-19

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