Public procurement notices

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  • The City of Helsinki procures a long-term digital data storage solution consisting of 3 parts: a preparation solution, a storage solution and a customer portal. Deadline 26.10. Code 458828-2020
  • In Latvia, programming services related to the maintenance, development and modernization of the License Information System (LIS) are procured. Deadline 02.11. Code 459118-2020
  • In Kaunas, signage infrastructure objects, pedestrian information stands and turn signals will be procured. Deadline 11.11. Code 458140-2020
  • A contactless payment card (cEMV) payment service is procured for Vilnius public transport. Deadline 03.11. Code 459119-2020
  • In Finland, a digital cooperation platform supporting customer meetings will be procured as a complete service. Deadline 03.11. Code 456605-2020
  • Security testing of E-services, information systems and network infrastructure is procured in Estonia. Deadline 26.10. Code 454019-2020


  • In Ireland, laundry washing machines, dry cleaners and dryers are procured. Deadline 26.10. Code 458234-2020
  • In Estonia, complete and packaged dry food packages (KTP) are procured. Deadline 22.10. Code 458685-2020
  • The Finnish Central Hospital is procuring new Hospital Nova care carts. Deadline 26.10. Code 458016-2020
  • In Slovenia, various oils, greases, lubricants (3 lots) are procured for machine maintenance. Deadline 19.10. Code 457298-2020
  • In Ireland, exterior cladding and wall coverings are being procured to alleviate the floods. Deadline 02.11. Code 457781-2020.
  • Different types of containers are bought in Sweden. Deadline 12.11. Code 459779-2020
  • In Finland, surgical sutures are procured (ie 19 different types of sutures). Deadline 25.10. Code 456227-2020
  • Disposable medical supplies are procured in Lithuania. Deadline 30.10. Code 455698-2020
  • Procurement of cleaning chemicals and paper-plastic products in Sweden. Deadline 27.09. Code 455695-2020
  • In Sweden, wood and wood products are procured (handicrafts at school). Deadline 24.10. Code 455653-2020
  • Insulation materials are procured in Latvia (to replace the insulation of transmission pipelines). Participation ENG, LV. Deadline 26.10. Code 454798-2020


  • In Slovenia, the preparation of motorway expertise (bases), variant studies / pre-investment design and environmental report on the Postojna-Jelšane section will be procured. Deadline 27.10. Code 459113-2020
  • In Sweden, consultancy services are procured for the monitoring and evaluation of chemical substances in the environment. Deadline 26.10. Code 459154-2020
  • In Lithuania, a market study (bullying service for bullying prevention students) is being procured. Deadline 28.10. Code 454112-2020

Procurement of different EU countries related to Covid-19

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