Public procurement notices

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  • In Finland, enterprise resource planning (ERP) development services are procured (the object is an ERP system technology solution, implementation is procured separately). Deadline 07.08.2020. Code 241121
  • Finnish national procurement. Innovation competition - innovations to understand and apply air quality information in order to apply it to the real urban environment. Deadline 31.07.2020. No. 2020-043108

Supplies of goods

  • The Lithuanian hospital procures various food products, 26 different parts of the procurement where tenders can be submitted. Deadline 07.07.2020. Code 239945
  • In Norway, parts of uniforms are procured - suit shoes, headgear, leather goods, gloves. Deadline 10.07.2020. No. 160499-2020

Machinery / equipment / vehicles

  • NATO is procuring the replacement of transformers and EMP filters (2 year work amounts to 8 million euros) in Belgium. Additional information will be provided to interested companies in the first quarter of 2021 and the deadline for bids in June 2021.

Various services

  • In Lithuania, a public relations service is procured. 2014-2020 EU funds investment advertising services on state television, creating one cycle of TV programs with nationwide coverage (10 + 10 programs for the period 20-21). Deadline 01.07.2020. Code 241498

Procurement of different EU countries related to Covid-19

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