Project on increasing female participation in ICT sector and this way securing democratic digital transformation

The project presented by the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI) focuses on increasing female participation in the ICT sector and this way secure democratic digital transformation. The aim is to pilot activities, which once proven efficient will be carried out in years to come. The results will be achieved thanks to multi-sectoral involvement.

ECCI has designed a project where 3 different sets of activities are envisioned:

  1. High-level round tables to get private, public and NGO representatives around the same table and update on a regular basis on different initiatives and network women entrepreneurs. Plus an ideation workshop was held during sTARTUp Day in March 2023.
  2. Trainings & workshops are carried out by the private sector.
  3. Inspirational trip to the Netherlands. The aim of the trip is to see how female leaders are supported over there.

If successful, the project can be implemented in countries across the Eastern Europe region.

Project is partly funded by CIPE

Collaboration partner