Search for Cooperation Partner

We offer our members several opportunities to find cooperation partners in Estonia and abroad.

Partner search

The Chamber offers practical information and partner search services in international cooperation under the name of Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

The Chamber of Commerce's sphere of competence covers the scope of the Enterprise Europe Network (more than 600 different business support organizations) in Europe and beyond. In addition to the member states of the European Union and the countries of the European Economic Area, our partners are also located in today's candidate countries and in some third countries, which enables us to offer Estonian entrepreneurs reliable information about both destination countries and potential partners.

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International cooperation offers

Here you will find a selection of cooperation proposal notices published by the Enterprise Europe Network. The cooperation proposals can be sorted by country, code and area of activity. 

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Exporters Database

Since 1996, the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been issuing a practical publication on Estonian exporters - the Estonian Export Directory. Data on exporting companies can also be found in the database of website.

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Query from members

Should you wish to make even more thorough queries from the database, please contact us. You can make queries by the location, area of activity, number of employees and cooperation country. The lists are provided as an excel table.

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Member to member offers

Members have the opportunity to publish their cooperation or special offers on the website of the Chamber of Commerce.

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Membership events

In addition to the above, the Chamber of Commerce has always been a meeting place for entrepreneurs. We create an opportunity for entrepreneurs to meet each other in a less formal environment, so that exciting ideas for cooperation and new initiatives can emerge. Traditional events include a festive Spring Ball, a sporty Tennis Tournament and a social Business Season Opening. In addition, the anniversary of the Chamber of Commerce and the reception of new members. Many business-to-business agreements and collaborations have started at these events.

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