Membership fee

Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has two kinds of members: active members and supportive members. You can be an active member if you are a private or public legal person registered in the Estonian Republic, who is primarily engaged in economic activities, local representatives of foreign firms, physical person entrepreneurs, who reckoqnize and abide by the Chamber’s constitution and pay the membership fee. Active members have the right to vote at the general assembly. An active member who has paid the membership fee fully and timely have all the member rights and duties. On agreement or if the membership fee is only partially paid, the member rights may be restrained.

You can be a supportive member if you are a citizen of the Republic of Estonia, a state or local government instiution, also if you are a randon legal person or collective of any legal persons in Estonia or abroad, who are interested in co-operation with the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, agree to the Chamber’s goals and mission and who aid the Chamber’s activities materially or by direct help. A supportive member has no right to vote at the general assembly nor the obligation to pay the membership fee in full extent. Other duties and rights of the active member are extended to the supportive member as foreseen and decided by the board of the Chamber.

The membership fee pricelist (per year) of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is as follows (depending on the amount of contractual employees):

Number of employees                                   Annual membership fee
1–4 145 €
5–9 220 €
10–19 270 €
20–49 315 €
50–99 440 €
100–249 625 €
250–499 950 €
500–999 1830 €
1000– 2200 €
Supporting member 220 €

Additionally you would have to pay a one-time-only entrance fee of 30 €.