Recruiting the Young Generation Workforce: Innovative HR Management (REGROW)

 In many EU countries there is a severe shortage of young skilled workers, especially in SMEs. This has a negative impact on the growth prospects and competitiveness of SMEs. At the same time, many SMEs also have problems integrating the new recruits they have acquired into the company properly and building a relationship based on mutual satisfaction.

Project aim

The overall aim of this project is to improve the situation described above, taking into account both the employer and the employee side: helping SMEs to secure urgently needed employees, especially from the Millennial generation and the Generation Z.

Project activities

  • Instruments, best practices and digital models for human resource management as well as various training programmes with different measures for SME managers lead to the implementation of a modern human resource management in SMEs
  • The toolbox to identify competencies, skills and life aspirations will help to ensure that employees’ concerns are recognised and adequately addressed. It will also make it possible to compare personal ideas with company goals
  • A train the trainer programme, which is continuously carried out by colleges and universities, ensures that the digital models and the toolbox are used properly and that SMEs receive high-quality training and advice
  • With a further SME training programme, SME managers acquire all the necessary skills. While learning on the job, modern human resources management in SMEs is simultaneously realised by using all models and the toolbox
  • The mentoring programme is particularly intended to work towards better understanding between employees of different age groups

With the project contents compiled in this way, the aim is to achieve a holistic, forward-looking human resources management and to offer SMEs all the instruments, qualifications, advice and support they need to implement the programme from a single source.

Target groups

  • Owners and executives of SMEs
  • Advisors and teachers from chambers and other SME sponsors and institutions for vocational training
  • Millennial and Generation Z individuals

Project partners

The seven partners of this project are from Denmark, Germany, Estonia and Poland.

Hanse Parlament (Lead Partner)
Vocational Ademy Hamburg
Arbeit & Zukunft

Chamber of Crafts Opole
Chamber of Crafts Poznań

Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

International Business College

Project duration: 01.09.2020-28.02.2023 (30 months)

Budget: 348 702 €

Additional information:

CO-funded by European Union ERASMUS+ program.