14.09.2011 Scots Host Expansion-Minded Entrepreneurs

ERR - The British-Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise Estonia London hold a conference in Edinburgh on September 13. Titled "SmartEST: New Nordic Estonia," the event aims to foster business links and introduce new investment opportunities.

14.09.2011 Reluctant MPs Examine Aid to Debt-Ridden EU States

ERR - A framework agreement for Estonia's contribution to the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) has top priority on Parliament's to-do list.

07.09.2011 Finance Ministry: Economy to Grow Less than Half as Fast in 2012

ERR - The Finance Ministry has released its latest economic forecast, calling for growth to accelerate to 7 percent followed by a slower 3 percent in 2012.

31.08.2011 Construction Volumes Up by 11%

ERR - In the second quarter of the year, Estonian construction companies saw a 10 percent increase in domestic volume compared to the same period of 2010, and an 11 percent increase when foreign projects were taken into account.

31.08.2011 Ligi Runs for Governor of Central Bank

ERR - Minister of Finance Jürgen Ligi confirmed on August 30 his decision to run for the office of the governor of the Bank of Estonia.

31.08.2011 Analysts: Real Wages Unlikely to Grow Significantly in 2011

ERR - After 11 quarters of decline, inflation-adjusted wages could finally start rising in the second half of this year, according to analysts from major banks, but the increase could be a small one.

24.08.2011 First Stage of EstWin Broadband Network Complete

ERR - With about 500 kilometers of new fiber optic cable installed, the initial stage of EstWin, a project to provide the entire population with 100-megabits-per-second broadband internet access by 2015, is now finished, its supervisory body announced on August 22.

24.08.2011 Tax Board: Salaries Down Slightly in 2010

ERR - Based on tax returns filed, the average gross salary in the nation last year amounted to 635 euros, or 9.6 euros less than the 2009 level, according to a Tax and Customs Board release.

24.08.2011 Swedbank Ups GDP Growth Forecast to 6.7%

ERR - Major regional banker Swedbank has once again raised its estimate for Estonia's 2011 economic growth, this time pegging it at 6.7 percent.

22.08.2011 Energy Sector Heading for Engineer Shortage, Study Finds

ERR - If current trends continue, Estonia's energy sector will be facing a shortage of 1,000 engineers in ten years' time, a new study has found.

22.08.2011 Producer Prices Up 5.2% over Year

ERR - The nation's producer price index remained on a growth trajectory in July, registering a 5.2 percent increase compared to the same month of last year and a 0.2 percent increase since June, new figures from Statistics Estonia show.

17.08.2011 Estonia's Economic Growth Remains Highest in EU

ERR - As in the first quarter of the year, the 8.4-percent economic growth reported by Estonia in the second quarter was the highest among the EU countries.

15.08.2011 The Board of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry awarded the medal of honour of I class to the President of the Association of Lithuanian Chambers, Industry and Crafts

With the decision of the Board of dated 1 August 2011 the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry  awarded to the medal of honour of I class to the President of the Association of Lithuanian Chambers, Industry and Crafts, Dr. Rimantas Stankevićius for special services in promoting commerce between Estonia and Lithuania, and facilitating development of the chambers of commerce.


09.08.2011 Estonia’s Rating Raised to AA- by S&P on Growth, Finances

Bloomberg Businessweek - Estonia’s credit rating, upgraded by Fitch Ratings last month, was raised by Standard & Poor’s Ratings on the Baltic country’s strong economic growth and solid public finances.

09.08.2011 Poll: Estonians 2nd Most Optimistic on EU Recovery

ERR - Estonians show the second most positive attitude in the EU regarding the bloc's economic prospects, with 64 percent of people believing that the crisis has passed its peak and will no longer influence the labor market, a recent survey by Eurobarometer reveals.

09.08.2011 4 Solutions to European Debt Crisis

ERR - According to financial expert Indrek Neivelt, the common European currency requires much more than the economic and monetary union can offer today. In order for the currency to survive, the union should move towards centralization of power, from having a common financial minister and bonds to adopting a common taxation policy.

09.08.2011 Student Company Lands Among Top 5 in Europe

ERR - SOCKme, a company that's made up of five Tallinn high-schoolers and manufactures trendy mobile phone holders, has been named one of Europe's top five student companies at a Junior Achievement competition in Norway.

03.08.2011 Young Coders Finish 3rd in Thailand Informatics Tournament

ERR - A crack team of budding computer scientists returned from Thailand with a bronze medal at a tournament held there. 

03.08.2011 Lithuanian, Latvian Inflation Catches Up to Estonia

ERR - In the last decade, Latvia has seen the highest and Lithuania the lowest inflation in the Baltic states. Estonia has gone through the sharpest price hikes of late, but the others have begun to catch up.

28.07.2011 Central Bank Governor: Threat of Contagion Contained for Now

ERR - Bank of Estonia Governor Andres Lipstok has warned that the recent decision to restructure Greece's debt must be a one-time case.

27.07.2011 GoSwift – an electronic border crossing line for vehicles at the road border posts between Estonia and Russia

On 1 August 2011, the order for crossing the border between Estonia and Russia will change. From then on, all motor vehicles heading towards Russia must book a place in an electronic waiting line for crossing the border. The GoSwift system will help you cross the border comfortably and with no excess waiting.

26.07.2011 Renewable Energy Production Drops 10% in Q2

ERR - In the second quarter of 2011, around 10 percent less renewable energy was produced in Estonia, compared to the same period last year.

26.07.2011 Estonia Dodges Eurozone Industrial Slowdown

ERR - Although the Purchasing Managers Index fell to 50.8 in July - its lowest in two years - analysts and business owners aren't worried yet that the slowdown of the Eurozone's industrial production is a threat to the Estonian economy.

22.07.2011 Changes to Labor Law Point Up Deficit of Specialists

ERR - Changes based on EU law entered into force on July 20 that make employing foreigners illegally a crime, not just a misdemeanor. But employers say that rather than being tempted to hire unskilled workers for cheap, their problem is actually bringing qualified foreign specialists to Estonia.

22.07.2011 Estonia Gets Pat on Back from IMF

ERR - John Lipsky, First Deputy Managing Director of the IMF, has praised Estonia's fiscal policy after a meeting with Prime Minister Andrus Ansip in Washington on July 21.

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