05.12.2011 Business Leaders: It's Time to Give Taxes a Rethink

ERR - Two prominent figures in Estonia's business circles have offered their suggestions for changes that, they say, would make the nation's tax structure better suit current economic conditions.

02.12.2011 TeamUp! Provides Would-Be Inventors with Expert Support

ERR - Got an idea lying around? Bring it in and let designers turn it into a prototype. That is the scheme behind the TeamUp! event being held on December 3 at the Tallinn University of Technology.

02.12.2011 Oil Industry Causes R&D Spending Intensity to Surge

ERR - The ratio of Research and Development spending to GDP has reached new heights - 1.63 percent in 2010 compared to 1.43 percent the previous year.

01.12.2011 Renewable Energy Fee to Jump 50%

ERR - According to a forecast released by Elering, next year the renewable energy fee - a component of the price of electricity - will be 0.97 cent per kilowatt hour as opposed to this year's 0.615 cent.

01.12.2011 Minister Engages in Coalition-Building for Reform of EU Agricultural Subsidies

ERR - Minister of Agriculture Helir-Valdor Seeder said Latvian senior officials have expressed support to him for faster convergence of the EU's direct agricultural subsidies.

29.11.2011 OECD Calls for 8% Growth This Year

ERR - The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has increased its forecast for Estonian economic growth this year but lowered its projection for next year.

29.11.2011 Universities Bothered by Disconnect With Industry

ERR - Estonia has moved up in innovation rankings, but one of the key weaknesses is lacking cooperation between businesses and universities, reported ETV.

29.11.2011 Finnish-Estonian Series Brings Business Gurus to Town

ERR - A bevy of international names will be on hand for the first installment of a Finnish-Estonian series aimed at startup entrepreneurs this weekend.

28.11.2011 EUROCHAMBRES: Europe's businesses pin hopes on exports for tough 2012

A EUROCHAMBRES survey of nearly 70.000 businesses across 25 European countries highlights export markets as the main source of optimism for 2012, a year that will otherwise be characterised by restricted investment, negligible job creation and constrained domestic sales.

28.11.2011 Regulator Warns Not All Threats to Banking Are Structural

ERR - Financial Supervision Authority board member Kilvar Kessler said the failure of a Lithuanian-owned Latvian bank is symptomatic of a trend of "white-collar crooks" entering the banking sector.

28.11.2011 Nearly Half of Firms Planning to Hire

ERR - A survey conducted by the recruitment company CV-Online has found that 45 percent of employers plan to take on new staff in the coming six months.

23.11.2011 Poll: Fewer Consumers Buy Made-In-Estonia Groceries

ERR - Grocery shoppers are less likely to buy domestically produced food than they were in 2004, according to a poll by TNS Emor.

23.11.2011 Minister Negotiates With SAS Over Investment in Estonian Air

ERR - Minister of Economic Affairs Juhan Parts has proposed that SAS should follow the state's lead in making substantial investments into revamping Estonian Air.

22.11.2011 Unemployment Fund Pressures Cabinet's Plan to Tap Reserves

ERR - The board of the Unemployment Insurance Fund has threatened to lower the unemployment insurance premium - a policy opposed by the ruling coalition - if the Cabinet does not back out of its plan to begin managing the agency's reserves as means to balance the public sector budget.

22.11.2011 Internet Foundation Accepts Role as Public Service Provider

ERR - A dispute between the Internet Foundation and the Data Protection Inspectorate has been resolved with the top-level domain registrar recognizing that it is required to provide information to the public on domain names.

21.11.2011 Next wave of Finnish manufacturers is coming

BBN - Several Finnish manufacturers are moving production operations to Estonia or are considering it, writes news2biz.

21.11.2011 Taxpayers owe Estonian state 38 million euros

BBN - Taxpayers still owe the state 38 million euros as of the first nine months of the year, according to the Tax and Customs Board.

21.11.2011 The Economist: Estonia's newest good news

BBN - You don’t have to be big to make it to the top. Or at least that is the case for Estonia, the fourth smallest euro zone member, with the best economic performance in the region, The Economist wrote last week.

21.11.2011 Politicians, Experts Discuss Future of Energy in Tallinn

ERR - Politicians and scientists of six nations are gathering in Tallinn today to discuss whether a future without nuclear power is possible.

21.11.2011 Post-Production Studios Team Up for Film Industry Cluster Funding

ERR - Enterprise Estonia has provided over 600,000 euros from the European Regional Development Fund to a cluster of motion picture studios that aim to turn Estonia into a major exporter of aftereffects and post-production services.

21.11.2011 Producer Prices Still Edging Downward

18.11.2011 Railway Freight Volumes Decline for 3rd Month in a Row

ERR - In October, freight volumes handled by Estonian Railways totaled 2.38 million tons, down 11.9 percent year on year.

17.11.2011 Japanese to Use Local IT Firm's Timestamping Service

ERR - A Japanese automotive safety company has become the most prominent customer for an Estonian company that offers a digital timestamping service.

17.11.2011 Ambassador: Estonia's Integration Policy a Success

ERR - Newly-appointed ambassador to Ukraine Lauri Lepik has called Estonia's integration policy a success that can serve as a model for other countries.

15.11.2011 Crisis for Europe Is Opening for China, Says Analyst

ERR - A consultant for a foreign exchange market has noted that the likely Chinese role in resolving Europe's debt crisis is an opportunity for the second-largest economy.

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