28.08.2014 Changes in Regulation Regarding Use of Personal Vehicles for Business

Two important changes regarding compensations for the use of personal vehicles for business purposes will enter into force in the Income Tax Act on 1 September.

27.08.2014 Opening of the Business Season 2014/1025

27.08.2014 Russia’s Sanctions Have Direct Negative Impact, Members Say

The Chamber of Commerce carried out a survey among its members in order to find out what is the impact of Russia’s sanctions on Estonian companies and what are the predictions for future. In total 153 companies participated in the survey.

05.08.2014 Chancellor of Justice: Additional VAT Transaction Reporting Obligation OK

ERR - The country's legal ombudsman has found no problem with a requirement that business owners must report all cases where sales transactions exceed 1,000 euros per customer within a reporting month.

23.07.2014 Tax Board's Employee Register Seen as Being Off to Good Start

ERR - The employees' register that became mandatory for companies at the beginning of this month has resulted in 51,000 more people being officially listed as employed, helping reduce abuse of the system by people who draw unemployment benefits while working jobs as well as increasing tax compliance, say officials.

10.07.2014 EU Insolvency Register Open for Business, Estonia Among the 1st to Join

07.07.2014 Inflation Makes U-Turn


Until the beginning of this year, Estonia was the Eurozone leader in inflation. By the second week of July, Estonia’s inflation has dwindled close to the average.

19.06.2014 Important Changes in the Register of Economic Activities

The new act that regulates economic activities – the General Part of the Economic Activities Code Act will enter into force on 1 July.

19.06.2014 A Number of Legal Acts Influencing Entrepreneurs to Enter into Force

Each year at the end of the spring season, we have prepared an overview of legal acts that will enter into force on 1 July and could potentially influence entrepreneurs. This year is no different.
More than 250 amendments will enter into force on the first day of July, but the majority of them will not have a significant influence on the daily lives of entrepreneurs. The most important amendments concern launching of the employment register and updating of the register of economic activities (MTR), which will bring changes to the registration of the economic activities of companies as well as applying for activity licences. Below you will find a summary of the most important legal acts that will enter into force on 1 July.

04.06.2014 Sudden Increase of the Alcohol Excise Duty Rates May Conflict the Constitution

The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry doubts if the plan of the Ministry of Finance to increase the alcohol excise duty rates is in line with the Constitution. Namely, the Ministry of Finance is suggesting to replace the initial plan of increasing the alcohol excise duty by 5% during the coming years, with the 15% increase in 2015 and 10% increase during the following three years. The aim of increasing the excise duty rates is to increase the revenues to the state budget and decrease alcohol consumption.

30.05.2014 Golf Tournament of the Chamber

30.05.2014 Contact visits to Belgium and Germany

30.05.2014 President Approves Controversial Tax Bill

President Toomas Hendrik Ilves approved a bill which will force companies to declare any transactions over 1,000 euros.

29.05.2014 Proposals to Make Taxes Public Found Support

15.04.2014 10 Questions About The Employment Register

One of the most important changes to enter into force this year is probably the employment register. This concerns all employers. However, the changes do not require extensive developments or expenses from the employers. In many ways, the communication between entrepreneurs and the state will become even easier, i.e. there will be no need to send the same data more than once. Although the technical solution of the new system will probably be tested in May, it is a good time to clarify some things related to the register.

15.04.2014 Matchmaking meetings at the Internet World 2014 in London

14.04.2014 Hungarian Business Mission to the Baltic Countries

14.04.2014 Chamber of Commerce Recognized Entrepreneurs

At the traditional Spring Ball held in the evening of 12 April, the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry awarded 6 Medals of Honour to outstanding Estonian entrepreneurs for their contribution into the development of entrepreneurship in Estonia. The Medals of Honour were awarded for the 16th time. The Medal of Honour is the Chamber’s expression of recognition and gratitude for special services in facilitating the development of Estonian economy.

08.04.2014 Innovation – a company’s growth engine

26.03.2014 Visit to Uzbekistan Brought Cooperation Agreements For Estonian Entrepreneurs

At the end of March a business delegation organised by the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry accompanied the Foreign Minister of Estonia to Uzbekistan.

06.03.2014 Companies To Test New Solution For Employment Registration

Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry invited the Tax and Customs Board to introduce the new technical solution for employment registration. It was agreed that members of the Chamber will participate in testing the new environment.

04.03.2014 Business Tax Payments Could be Made Public

04.03.2014 World's Largest Industrial Fair Hannover Messe

04.03.2014 Traditional Spring Ball of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

26.02.2014 EU Predicts Improving Economic Situation for Estonia

With investment and external demand for exports recovering, the European Commission is projecting that the Estonian economy will regain momentum in 2014-15.

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