26.02.2015 Proposal Initiated by the Chamber Passed as Law

On 19 February, the Parliament of Estonia (Riigikogu) passed the draft Taxation Act amendment according to which there must be at least six months between the passing and entry into force of the tax law and its amendments. The proposal for the draft was made by the Estonian Chamber of Commerce together with 1,300 entrepreneurs.

22.02.2015 Official Translations Can Be Made Only By Sworn Translators

From the beginning of this year official translations from Estonian into foreign languages can be made only by sworn translators. This means that from 1 January 2015, notaries no longer verify correctness of the translator’s signature.

29.01.2015 Chamber’s Proposal to Become a Draft Act

The extraordinary meeting of the Finance Committee of the Parliament that took place this morning, decided to initiate a draft act according to which there must be at least six months between the passing and entry into force of the tax law and its amendments.

28.01.2015 Apply for Contact Visits to France, Germany and Italy

Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with Enterprise Estonia are organising a number of contact visits, which give Estonian entrepreneurs the chance to learn about the opportunities offered by and business culture of the specific countries, to meet with local entrepreneurs and find cooperation partners.
At the moment there are still places available for visits to France, Germany and Italy.
Entrepreneurs who can participate in the visits must have previous export experience and an existing product or service, the export of which could be started immediately.

28.01.2015 For members of the Chamber only: Cheap flights between Tartu and Helsinki!

Flybe offers Members of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry the opportunity to book tickets with 15% discount for flights between Tartu and Helsinki. The campaign booking can be done by the employees of the members of the Chamber of Commerce for business or holiday, the number of bookings is not limited.

22.12.2014 Entrepreneurs Expect More Resolute Steps In 2015

The 22nd annual Eurochambres Economic Survey results reveal that more decisive steps by policymakers would ensure the right conditions for more resolute recovery of European Economy. The Survey is carried out annually among 60,000 businesses in 25 countries. Over 270 Estonian entrepreneurs participated in the Survey.

22.12.2014 New Year Brings Important Changes

Nearly 300 amendments of legal acts are to enter into force in Estonia on 1 January, the majority of which do not have a significant impact on the daily acitivities of entrepreneurs. Among the most important changes are reducing the income tax rate to 20%, decrease in the unemployment insurance premium rates, increase of the minimum wage to €390 and introduction of the new TSD tax declaration form.

11.12.2014 Invitation to the Africa Forum

28.11.2014 The State Should Inform Employers of Issuing Sick Leave Certificate

Estonian Chamber of Commerce has proposed to the Ministry of Social Affairs to change the regulations so that the sick leave certificates of employees could be electronically visible to employers already from the first day of official sick leave.

28.11.2014 Chamber Proposes Increasing Tax-Exempt Limit For Daily Allowance

19.11.2014 Speech of the President of the ECCI, Mr Toomas Luman for the 89th Anniversary of the Chamber

05.11.2014 Business Morning with the Georgian Ambassador

31.10.2014 Tax Board Publicized Summarised Taxes

Estonian Tax and Customs Board publicized the summarised taxes paid by taxable persons. The aim of disclosing the taxes is to improve the contribution of business to state revenues and recognise tax-obedient behaviour.

31.10.2014 Parliament Accepted Entrepreneurs’ Petition

The board of the Riigikogu (Parliament) accepted the petition signed by more than 1,200 entrepreneurs submitted by the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and forwarded for further discussions to the committees of the Riigikogu.

23.10.2014 Target Market Seminar How To Succeed at the UK market

09.10.2014 Top Marine OÜ is the Company of the Year

30.09.2014 Labour Inspectorate’s Brochure Business Trips and Posting of Workers

30.09.2014 Entrepreneurs and the State Want to Promote Participation of Reservists in Reserve Trainings

Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Estonian Employers’ Confederation signed a cooperation agreement with the Defence Forces of Estonia and the Ministry of Defence on 15 September. The aim of the agreement is to increase awareness of the importance of reservist training and invite all parties to make efforts to have the necessary number of reservists at trainings.

25.09.2014 Over 1,200 Entrepreneurs Signed a Petition Addressed to the Parliament

On 25 September, the Chairman of the Board of the Chamber of Commerce, Toomas Luman and Director General of the Chamber, Mait Palts handed over a petition with signatures of over 1,200 entrepreneurs. The petition was made to request a reasonable time for entrepreneurs to adjust their operations to new regulations.

28.08.2014 Changes in Regulation Regarding Use of Personal Vehicles for Business

Two important changes regarding compensations for the use of personal vehicles for business purposes will enter into force in the Income Tax Act on 1 September.

27.08.2014 Opening of the Business Season 2014/1025

27.08.2014 Russia’s Sanctions Have Direct Negative Impact, Members Say

The Chamber of Commerce carried out a survey among its members in order to find out what is the impact of Russia’s sanctions on Estonian companies and what are the predictions for future. In total 153 companies participated in the survey.

05.08.2014 Chancellor of Justice: Additional VAT Transaction Reporting Obligation OK

ERR - The country's legal ombudsman has found no problem with a requirement that business owners must report all cases where sales transactions exceed 1,000 euros per customer within a reporting month.

23.07.2014 Tax Board's Employee Register Seen as Being Off to Good Start

ERR - The employees' register that became mandatory for companies at the beginning of this month has resulted in 51,000 more people being officially listed as employed, helping reduce abuse of the system by people who draw unemployment benefits while working jobs as well as increasing tax compliance, say officials.

10.07.2014 EU Insolvency Register Open for Business, Estonia Among the 1st to Join

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