Procurement Monitoring

The service of European Union (EU) procurement monitoring helps Estonian companies in managing among more than 2,500 procurement offers published weekly. For making a selection, the Chamber uses information from the EU common database TED (Tenders Daily) which publishes more than 600 tender notices daily. Information received from there is filtered with the special procurement search software in order to inform companies only of the tenders that are of interest for them. In addition to the tender notices of the public sector of the EU member states, the TED database includes also tender notices of the EU institutions, assistance programmes and tender notices of other countries such as Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland.

Pricelist for Procurement Monitoring Members non-Members
Tender notice report (with frequency chosen by the company, i.e. twice a day, a week etc.) 50€ /month      100€ /month
Single tender notice search 15€ 30€
Issuing tender notices  FREE 15€

Prices in euro, not including the VAT 20%