Exempt supplies

Supplies that are exempt without credit include but are not limited to the following activities of a social nature:

  • certain universal postal services;
  • listed health services;
  • listed social welfare services;
  • general education services, including learning materials, except for business purposes.

The following supplies are also treated as exempt without credit:

  • insurance services, including reinsurance and insurance mediation;
  • leasing or letting of immovable property or parts thereof;
  • immovable property, except for the supply before the first occupation of buildings or their parts as well as renovated buildings or their parts;
  • listed financial services;
  • transactions in securities.

Of the above exempt supplies, an option to tax is available in respect to the following:

  • disposal of immovable property, except residential housing;
  • lease of or establishment of a usufruct on immovable property or its parts, except residential housing;
  • listed financial services and transactions in securities, unless such a service is provided to the taxable person (or taxable person with a limited liability) of another EU member state.

Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers - Doing business and investing in Estonia