14.02.2017 Come and join us for Export Academy Club

01.02.2017 Special offer for the members of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

01.02.2017 Come and hear about CreativeMobile’s experience in foreigner recruitment

31.01.2017 The State Will Be Collecting Time-Based Road Use Fee from 12-ton Trucks

The Chamber has sent an opinion to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication in regarding the drafted plan to start taxing the use of roads by trucks. Namely, the state is planning to start collecting a time-based road use fee from trucks that weigh over 12 tons. The Chamber is ready to support such plan of the state, provided that the entire revenue from such fee is used for road maintenance and development of road transport. This solution is an opportunity to increase financing of road maintenance by an additional 16 million euros per year. Additionally, the Chamber is of the opinion that the annual rates of the road use fee should be lower than planned and promote the use of environmentally friendly trucks.

31.01.2017 The Chamber to the Government: the Principles of Good Legislative Drafting Must Be Followed

The Chamber has sent a letter to Prime Minister Jüri Ratas expressing concern over the quality of legislative drafting. The Chamber reminds the government that the principles of good legislative drafting are very important in a democratic country because they facilitate achieving a more open, transparent and knowledge-based governance.

31.01.2017 Contact Visit to Shanghai

Shanghai is one of the most important and lively business areas in China. This is a global financial and transport centre – home to one of the largest ports in the world. That is why Shanghai is one of the important gateways to goods exported to China as well as a great destination from where to start finding partners for your company in order to enter the Chinese market.

02.01.2017 Amendments Alleviate the Limitations on Employment of Aliens in Estonia

The Parliament passed two draft acts amending significantly the Aliens Act. As a result of the amendments, the possibilities for foreign entrepreneurs for receiving a residence permit for operating in Estonia will be expanded. Furthermore, the salary conditions for foreign workers will become more unified and the conditions for short-term employment in Estonia will become more flexible.

02.01.2017 New Year Brings Several Law Changes

Over 300 legal acts entered into force on 1 January, among them those that have positive effect on entrepreneurs as well as those that influence businesses in a negative manner. Good news for small businesses is that drawing up of the annual report will become simpler. Accommodation companies should be happy to know that the plan to increase the value added tax for accommodation services has been set aside. The negative amendments are mostly related to tax laws. The government has made a last minute decision not to decrease the social tax by 0.5 percent. Additionally, from new year the excise duty of natural gas will increase by 20 percent and the excise duty on diesel fuel and petrol will be increased by 10 percent from 1 February.

15.12.2016 Export Academy (I half of 2017)

30.11.2016 Information Hour: The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement Between Canada and the EU (CETA)

The Ambassador of Canada to the Baltic States, H.E. Mr Alain Hausser will be speaking in Tallinn about the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement Between Canada and the European Union (CETA).

30.11.2016 Government Supports Our Proposal To Amend Aliens Act

The government said that they support our proposal to release from the immigration quota these aliens who have received the residence permit of major investor, i.e. invested at least one million euros in Estonian economy. We are only glad, because such change gives a positive signal to the public as well as potential investors that foreign investors are welcome in Estonia.

30.11.2016 Leading Brands of Estonia Out Now

The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry celebrated its 91st anniversary on 10 November. At the reception gala, the Chamber introduced its newly published book Leading Brands of Estonia.

31.10.2016 On-call Time Rules in ICT Sector Should Be More Flexible

The Chamber of Commerce informed the Ministry of Social Affairs of supporting the amendment of the Employment Contracts Act, making the on-call time regulation more flexible for the employees of the ICT sector. At the same time we proposed that the more flexible on-call time rules should also be foreseen for other areas of activity where 24-hour unhindered work is required (e.g. air traffic controllers).

31.10.2016 Discover Business Opportunities in Kenya and Vietnam

Participating in a Contact Visit gives entrepreneurs an excellent chance to discover new business opportunities. The Chamber in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be organising high level visits to Kenya and Vietnam in November and December. The visits will be led by Väino Reinart, Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

31.10.2016 Best Estonian Companies 2016 Revealed

The title of the Company of the Year 2016 was awarded to the engineering industry company Hekotek AS at the award ceremony for the Best Estonian Companies 2016 held on 13 October. The gala for the best companies is organised by the Estonian Employers’ Confederation, Enterprise Estonia (EAS) and Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

31.10.2016 Taxify’s CEO Markus Villig is the Young Entrepreneur of the Year

For the second consecutive year, the Young Entrepreneur Award 2016 was given out at the award ceremony for the best Estonian companies of the year. This year’s winner is Markus Villig, the founder and CEO of Taxify.

19.10.2016 Ida-Viru Investment Conference 2016

29.09.2016 Sugar Tax Would Not Decrease Unhealthy Eating Habits

The Ministry of Social Affairs informed that they are planning to move on with the previously initiated plan to establish a sugar tax on sweetened beverages. We have been and still are of the opinion that establishing a sugar tax is an inefficient method for decreasing the consumption of “unhealthy” food and this does not serve the goal set by the Ministry.

29.09.2016 Chamber Does Not Support Ban on Small Plastic Bags

The Chamber sent to the Ministry of the Environment its positions regarding the draft Packaging Act amendment act in which we set out that the Chamber does not support establishing a minimum price on large plastic bags, and does not consider necessary to ban the use of small plastic blags in shops.

21.09.2016 Africa Forum II

29.08.2016 Young Entrepreneur Award

29.08.2016 Large Investors Should Not Be Included in the Immigration Quota

The Riigikogu is discussing the draft amendment act of the Aliens Act. Among other things the amendments aim to supplement the list of people who in the future will not be included in the immigration quota. In the opinion of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry large investors from third countries who invest at least one million euros to Estonia should not be included in the immigration quota and pursuant to the draft act should have the right to apply for the residence permit.

29.08.2016 Contact Visit To China

The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in cooperation with Enterprise Estonia is organising a contact visit to China, giving the entrepreneurs an opportunity to become acquainted with the local opportunities and business culture, meet local entrepreneurs and find cooperation partners. The visit will take place at the beginning of December 2016.

30.05.2016 Target Market Seminar On Iran And Meetings With Iranian Companies

A business delegation from Iran will visit Estonia on 3 June. Within the framework of the visit, the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be organising a business seminar, which welcomes anyone interested in Iranian market. The seminar will give an overview of the relations between Estonia and Iran, the current situation and opportunities in Iran after the sanctions related to the Iran nuclear program were lifted, and the potential for technological and knowledge-based cooperation. After the seminar, you are welcome to meet the members of the delegation.

30.05.2016 About Equal Treatment

The Chamber is turning to the Constitutional Committee of the Riigikogu to address the question of the draft amendment act of the Equal Treatment Act. The draft act aims to eliminate unequal treatment of different social groups (e.g. disabled persons, the elderly) with respect to the availability of goods and services offered to the public. However, the explanatory memorandum does not contain analysis on the economic impact of this change. The analysis consists of only two sentences and the influence of the change on businesses has not been assessed at all. However, without a proper impact analysis it would not be possible to ensure good quality of legislative drafting.

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