12.04.2017 Vietnam ITO Conference 2017

12.04.2017 Soft-landing program


04.04.2017 Matcmaking event 24th of May in Tallinn/Estonia

31.03.2017 Roundtable meeting with Mr Peter Burian, European Union Special Representative for Central Asia

30.03.2017 Importance of the marketing communication in exporting in cooperation with the Embassy of USA and AmCham

30.03.2017 Amendments to the Aliens Act

30.03.2017 Legal Affairs Committee Decided Not To Change the Guard Time Regulation

30.03.2017 Business Visit to Vilnius

30.03.2017 Public Address: the Government’s Tax Policy Will Result in Price Increase for Goods

The Chamber together with the Estonian Food Producers Association and Estonian Traders Association turned to the government of the Republic of Estonia in relation to the tax policy planned by the coalition parties. Below you will find the text of the address.

30.03.2017 The Chamber and Employers: Security Income Tax planned by the Government is Detrimental to Estonia’s Competitiveness

Taxing loans and financing transactions inside a group with a 20% income tax or the so called security income tax is detrimental to the Estonian business environment, without solving the actual problem, state the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Estonian Employers’ Confederation.

28.02.2017 Join the visits to Benin, Nigeria, South Africa and Mexico

28.02.2017 How to Find and Keep the Best Employees in Your Organisation?

During the seminar we will be speaking about what is employer branding and coaching, which are the best practices for keeping employees in your organisation and many other interesting topics. We welcome you to participate!


28.02.2017 Plan to Impose Road Tax on Trucks Has Improved

A while ago, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication proposed establishing a road tax on Estonian and foreign vehicles that weigh over 12 tons. Back then, the Chamber agreed to support the proposal only provided that the entire tax revenue received would be used for management of state roads and local roads. The Ministry has informed the Chamber that this condition will be introduced into the draft act. However, so far, the Chamber’s proposal to decrease the fee rates has not been taken into account.

28.02.2017 Guard Time Rules to Become More Flexible

The Chamber is against the proposal of the trade unions to allow for establishing more flexible guard time conditions (time, payment) with only extended collective agreements. In the Chamber’s opinion, this proposal serves only the interests of trade unions, but does not solve today’s problem. Additionally, the applicable provision for extending collective agreements contradicts the Constitution. Therefore the Chamber considers it necessary to establish more flexible guard time conditions in the Employment Contracts Act.

28.02.2017 Planned Packaging Excise Duty Does Not Solve Current Problems

The Chamber does not support the state’s plan to impose for entrepreneurs the packaging excise duty on bringing to the market because in the Chamber’s opinion, it does not help the environmental goals set in the law’s drafting intentions. On the contrary, establishing a new tax places excessive administrative and tax burden on entrepreneurs, increases the probability of avoiding the law and is primarily meant for filling the state treasury.

28.02.2017 Using Personal Vehicles for Business

Entrepreneurs have been interested in knowing which taxes must be paid and what should be kept in mind when a personal vehicle is used for business purposes.

14.02.2017 Come and join us for Export Academy Club

01.02.2017 Special offer for the members of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

01.02.2017 Come and hear about CreativeMobile’s experience in foreigner recruitment

31.01.2017 The State Will Be Collecting Time-Based Road Use Fee from 12-ton Trucks

The Chamber has sent an opinion to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication in regarding the drafted plan to start taxing the use of roads by trucks. Namely, the state is planning to start collecting a time-based road use fee from trucks that weigh over 12 tons. The Chamber is ready to support such plan of the state, provided that the entire revenue from such fee is used for road maintenance and development of road transport. This solution is an opportunity to increase financing of road maintenance by an additional 16 million euros per year. Additionally, the Chamber is of the opinion that the annual rates of the road use fee should be lower than planned and promote the use of environmentally friendly trucks.

31.01.2017 The Chamber to the Government: the Principles of Good Legislative Drafting Must Be Followed

The Chamber has sent a letter to Prime Minister Jüri Ratas expressing concern over the quality of legislative drafting. The Chamber reminds the government that the principles of good legislative drafting are very important in a democratic country because they facilitate achieving a more open, transparent and knowledge-based governance.

31.01.2017 Contact Visit to Shanghai

Shanghai is one of the most important and lively business areas in China. This is a global financial and transport centre – home to one of the largest ports in the world. That is why Shanghai is one of the important gateways to goods exported to China as well as a great destination from where to start finding partners for your company in order to enter the Chinese market.

02.01.2017 Amendments Alleviate the Limitations on Employment of Aliens in Estonia

The Parliament passed two draft acts amending significantly the Aliens Act. As a result of the amendments, the possibilities for foreign entrepreneurs for receiving a residence permit for operating in Estonia will be expanded. Furthermore, the salary conditions for foreign workers will become more unified and the conditions for short-term employment in Estonia will become more flexible.

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