Government 'Seeking to Trade' Emissions Credits for Hybrid Cars

ERR - The government may sign another carbon credits deal with an unnamed Japanese corporation, in exchange for 150 hybrid cars for public sector employees.

In 2011, the government traded 10 million carbon credits to Mitsubishi for 507 fully electric cars intended for the use of social workers. Later last year, the Cabinet signed a cooperation agreement with Mitsubishi for co-financing green energy projects.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs said the government still needs another 600 new cars for its employees, reported Äripäev.

"It is a loss for car suppliers because they won't get the tender, but as a citizen I must admit that this would be a good deal," said Raivo Kütt, director of Toyota reseller Amserv Grupp.

An adviser for the prime minister, Anne Sulling, said nothing can yet be confirmed. "We have been made various offers. Hybrid cars is one of many ideas," she said.

In two years, the Estonian government has managed to bring in 360 million euros worth of assets through emissions trading.